Sage: The Healthy Rage

Sage (Plus Dollars only)

  1. Lunch/Dinner Menu
    1. Small Plates
      1. Tableside Salads – these are excellent appetizers for a hungry group.
        1. Strawberry Field – fresh Cal Poly-grown strawberries – how can you not order this?
          1. Cost – $7.00
          2. Jeannette Chow, Class of 2018, says “they’re so juicy and sweet and delicious!”
        1. Sage Side Salad – the variety of vegetables in this salad add tons of flavor, nutrients, and color.
          1. Cost – $5.00
        2. Soup Du Jour – any restaurant that offers soup typically has a vegetarian option, like a bean chili or hearty vegetable soup. Ask the server what the special is, and if it’s full of veggies, order a cup as an appetizer or a bowl as a light, satisfying meal.
          1. Cost – $4.00/$6.00
    2. Large Plates
      1. Cobb Salad – this salad is pretty common at many restaurants, and, with a few tweaks, it can be healthy! Just ask for a light sprinkle of the cheese, and the dressing on the side. You also may be able to get balsamic vinaigrette instead of the Green Goddess dressing.
        1. Cost – $11.00
      2. The California Sandwich – ahh, marinated, grilled chicken breast, thick tomato slices, roasted poblano chiles, pickled pico de gallo, Monterey jack cheese, and avocado aioli – yepp, sounds like California to me. If you pick this item, I suggest leaving off the avocado aioli and asking for just avocado slices (one of the best healthy fats) instead. Maybe your server will let you switch the French Roll for a Whole-Wheat Baguette…
        1. Cost – $10.00
      3. The Farmers’ Market Sandwich – anything with the words “farmers’ market” in it calls my name (have you seen the downtown farmers’ market?). Whether it’s a sandwich, salad, or burger, it’s filled with veggies – almost perfectly healthy. Still, I’d ask for no Basil Mayo and a light serving of the Gruyere cheese.
        1. Cost – $9.00
      4. California Halibut – Sage is one of the only places on campus that serve fish, so take advantage of the opportunity to get some quality protein and omega-3’s. I’d avoid the Crispy Prosciutto Olive Relish, but otherwise this is a great lunch or dinner option to spend those plus dollars.
        1. Cost – $16.00
  2. Burger Bar Menu
    1. Burgers
      1. They ask for no substitutions on their burgers, so asking for no cheese or mayo might not be an option, but it’s worth a try.
      2. Caprese Burger – a play on the Italian “caprese salad”, in burger form.
        1. Fun Fact – Mozzarella is one of the healthiest cheeses. It’s full of protein – ” each ounce provides about 5 grams”, according to Livestrong, and pairing it with tomato and basil gives so much Italian-esque flavor with just a few ingredients.
        2. Cost – $8.95
        3. Becky Haworth, Class of 2018, ordered this and says “it tasted and the flavors were so vibrant.”
      3. Southwest Turkey Burger – ground turkey is a little healthier than ground beef, so this is a smart pick. Again, they might not be able to take off the cheese and aioli, but give it a try.
        1. Cost – $8.95
      4. Three-Bean Burger – three cheers for vegetarian options! This can also be made vegan if you ask to omit the Cilantro Aioli. Beans are loaded with fiber and nutrients, making this burger satisfying, filling, and healthy.
        1. Cost – $6.95
      5. Hawaiian Burger – similar to the classic Hawaiian pizza (Canadian bacon and pineapple), but in burger-form. No cheese equals less cholesterol and fat than the burgers, and grilled pineapple with teriyaki glaze equals tons of sweet, juicy flavors.
        1. Cost – $8.95
      6. Good Ol’ Fashion Burger – who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned burger? It’s plain and simple with just lettuce, onions, pickles, and mayo (try to omit this) on a brioche bun. It’s also one of the less-expensive items, so if you’re watching dollars as well as calories, this is a good choice.
        1. Cost – $6.95
    2.  Salads
      1. Farmer’s Spinach Salad – why spinach? Here’s why. Opt for the chicken over the steak to complement the health benefits of the fruits and veggies, and ask for some lemon vinaigrette on the side if you really want dressing.
        1. Cost – $9.95
Have you ever wondered where the hamburger came from? This information was taken from
Have you ever wondered where the hamburger came from? This information was taken from

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