Ciao and Red Radish

Ciao and Red Radish Break-Down

Ciao (plus dollars only)


  • I know that pizza has these magical powers that take away all willpower and force you to eat, like, five slices, but just don’t. Start with one slice and add a side salad. Chances are, you won’t need another piece of pizza.
  • Ask them to lighten up on the cheese and sauce, too.
  • Also, the pasta – yeah, just don’t do it.
  • You can also create your own small or large pizza, which is a great option for healthy (some would say picky) eaters like myself. Load up on veggies, go easy on the cheese, and stick with chicken if you must get meat.
  • Check out this article about the latest healthy pizza trends –

Menu Items – Healthiest

  • Specialty Pizzas – BBQ Chicken, Chicken Pesto, Margherita
    1. If you must order pizza, these are the best options. By “best” I mean highest protein, lowest unhealthy fat, while still satisfying with a good punch of flavor.
  • Traditional Pizzas – Tuscan Veggie
    1. For the veggie-loving pizza-cravers, this one is calling your name. I always go for vegetable-topped pizzas rather than pepperoni or sausage, not only because I am a vegetarian, but also because they are the most nutritious and satisfying, without weighing me down.
    2. Sophie Jimenez (Class of 2018, Ciao Employee) – “Otherwise you can build your own pizza and make sure that you tell them just how much of everything you would want.”
  • Shaker Salads
    1. A great appetizer or even a side to your meal. Just go easy on the dressing!
  • Cost – $2.75/slice + $3.25/side salad or fruit cup = $6.00

Red Radish (meals and plus dollars)


  • Build your own salad – it’s fun and “you get the most for your buck”, says Tanner Morgan (Class of 2018, Ag. Business). It’s also an opportunity to choose exactly what you want (aka the most nutritious, brain-fuelling toppings, right?) for your salad.
  • If you have to get dressing, make sure they don’t drench your salad, completely negating all the nutrients you’ve gathered in your fruits and veggies. Marie Dunnie, a professional Journalist who specializes in nutrition and health, suggests balsamic vinegar because you get “the flavor punch with less fat and calories than if you used an oil-based salad dressing.”
  • Fried chicken? Not a good idea. Go for the chicken breast instead.
  • If you live in the apartments, try this – get kale with raw veggies and then take it home and make a stir-fry!

Menu Items – Healthiest

  • Specialty Salads – Nutty Professor, Hipster
    • Cost – $7.50
  • Build Your Own – freedom! Thankfully, Red Rad has tons of fresh veggies, lean meats, and vegan/vegetarian options. All those veggies are great additions, but the other toppings can be a little tricky, so here are my recommendations…
  • Cheese – crumbled feta, bleu, and goat cheese
  • Meat – grilled chicken and sliced turkey
  • Vegan/vegetarian protein – tofu, edamame, chickpeas, black beans, hard-boiled egg, sunflower seeds. Tons of great options!
  • Quinoa – get it. get it. get it.
  • Dressing – I always stick with balsamic vinegar and a little olive oil. And you won’t miss out on flavor with that!
  • Cost – $5.00 + $0.85 for each additional topping, so to cover lunch, you can add about 3-4 toppings and still have a little left for a piece of fruit! For dinner, you’ll have a little more to spend.

    Step-by-step salad building for students who enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, and lots and lots of nutrients.
    Step-by-step salad building for students who enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, and lots and lots of nutrients.

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